Google Paris

At Google Paris, we bring together the speed and smarts of Google with the stylishness and passion of Paris. We have a significant engineering and sales presence, and all of our Googlers have the opportunity to make an impact in un clin d’oeil.

Inside Google Paris

Get a look at our French office with a view to the office projects and teams, the amenities and some Parisian insight into the culinary delights of the office. “My biggest satisfaction at Google is the difference we make,” says Carlo D’Asaro Biondo, head of sales for Southern and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


Our engineering teams have focused on Search, Android, Chrome and YouTube.

We’re online sales experts, helping companies and advertisers to grow their businesses with platforms like AdWords and AdSense.

We’re the home of the Google Cultural Institute, whose mission is to make the world’s culture accessible online.


Number of Paris Googlers: More than half the number of miles above the earth that the Hubble telescope orbits

Some of our conference rooms are named: Victor Hugo, Chinon, Brigitte Bardot

Distance from Google Paris to the Place de l’Opera, in walking minutes: 10


8 Rue de Londres
75009 Paris
Phone: +33 (0)1 42 68 53 00

Inside Google Paris

We’re in a brand-new office in a renovated hôtel particulier on the Rue de Londres. We enjoy the same Googleyness you get in Mountain View – check out the giant cow in the courtyard – but with distinctly Parisian touches like wine and cheese for TGIF meetings, a Citroën deux chevaux-turned-phone booth and a cafeteria nicknamed Les Deux Algos (short for algorithms). Because we’re also faster and flatter than most other workplaces, all our Googlers have the chance to make an impact on our business.

Our engineers have worked on products including Search, Android, Chrome and YouTube. Our sales Googlers help companies and advertisers grow their businesses with platforms like AdWords and AdSense. We’re also home to the Google Cultural Institute, whose mission is to make culture more accessible via initiatives like the the Digital Dead Sea Scrolls and Google Art Project, which provides high resolution tours of many of the world’s greatest museums and their collections.

Want to help organize the world’s information and make it more universally accessible and useful? Voilà Google Paris!

Google Paris: Frequently Asked Questions

What’s so de la bombe about Google Paris?

We work with smart, fun people who have done really cool things. In a previous life, for instance one of our Googlers was a producer for Daft Punk. We invite interesting people, like Marc Levy and President Nicolas Sarkozy, to visit us. We have TGIFs and tech talks. Our teams have gone on off-sites to Normandy and Spain and a chateau in the Loire Valley, where we went to a museum housing life-size models of Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions. Our coffee machines are awesome, and we have holiday parties like none other. And we’re the home of the Google Cultural Institute.

Say more about the Google Cultural Institute.

It’s an initiative to build digital tools and services for cultural organizations. We’ve done some really cool things, like digitize the Dead Sea Scrolls, making them searchable and zoom-able, and work with some of the world’s leading museums to virtualize the experience of touring them. We’re also building a real-world site to explore how virtual and physical space relate in terms of how we experience culture.

How is Google Paris involved in the community?

We’re involved with the start-up accelerator Le Camping and local NGOs like Don du Sang, Les Petits Frères des Pauvres and Les Blouses Roses. We helped build a site called Startup Café to socialize information among French start-ups. We collect food for the needy, participate in charity walk-a-thons and hold fundraising parties. And we grant research awards and form partnerships with educational institutions like Sciences Po, HEC and Fondation Telecom.

What cool work has come out of Google Paris?

We’ve worked on everything from Chrome and Public Data Explorer to YouTube and Chrome for Android. We’ve launched Startup Café, the ChercheNet child-protection initiative, a Google Earth layer displaying local results during the last presidential election and Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s film Home Movie. In addition, the Art Project, created by the Cultural Institute, allows users to virtually navigate their way through, and view the artworks in, some of the world’s leading museums.

How do you support Googlers in their careers and with work-life balance?

Our Googlers are really good about helping newcomers through the labyrinthine processes associated with making a home in France. For example, to rent a French flat you need a bank account – but to get a bank account you need to show that you already have a flat. We share information on things like how to find a doctor, and negotiate deals for Googlers for everything from movie tickets to eyeglasses. Through a partnership with local growers, you can even have get a box of organic vegetables delivered to the office every week. We’re also an internationally diverse workforce and build many programs to help support different groups within the company. For example, our Women @ Google program meets regularly to provide a space for female Googlers to socialize and meet guest speakers.

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Inside Google Paris

Inside Google Paris

Get a look at our French office with a view to the office projects and ...

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