Google Cambridge

Located just a few blocks from the Charles River in Cambridge, we’re just a few steps (or Smoots) from Boston proper. From our shiny digs in Kendall Square, our software engineers work on improving some of Google’s best-known products. We’re a wicked awesome “Hub” for innovation.


We’re one of the larger Google locations, home to hundreds of Googlers in engineering and sales.

We work on many innovative products and projects including Travel, Android, Search, Chrome, YouTube, and Systems Infrastructure. Our work impacts billions of Google users around the world— from Fenway to Fiji.

Since 2009, we've consistently been recognized as one of the “Top Places to Work” in Boston by the Boston Globe.


Number of Cambridge Googlers: About as many as there are digits in the 4,000th Fibonacci number

Some of our conference rooms are named: Frog Pond, Revere, Dr. Zoidberg, Clara Barton

Number of universities and colleges in the Greater Boston area: 58


Google Cambridge
355 Main Street, 5th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02142
Phone: (617) 575-1300

Inside Google Cambridge

Like the city across the Charles, we’re a “Hub”—for engineering. We make our home in an area known as the local tech quarter, Kendall Square, Cambridge. It’s a hotspot for innovative companies, startups and bright minds. All that energy permeates everything we do. At Google Cambridge we work in small, dedicated teams on big projects with a global reach. What we do impacts everything from how our users work and search, to how they get their entertainment and travel. Alongside our engineering team, about one third of Google’s greater Boston area employees work in sales roles.

When we’re not organizing the world’s information by making it more useful and accessible, you can find us zipping around our subway-themed offices–sorry, “T” themed offices–playing board games (trust us, we have a lot of board games), grabbing a bite in our spacious, sunny cafeteria, or collaborating with teammates in lounges inspired by iconic local areas like Beacon Hill and Cape Cod.

We also like ping pong. A lot. Our site director claims he’ll give up his job (for one day) to anyone who can best him. He has fended off hundreds of challengers—including Governor Deval Patrick and Salman Rushdie. Our engineers even built an automated system to rank the top 50 players in the office and broadcast a live feed so we don’t miss a match.

Our work affects millions of users. That’s exciting. And there’s a difference between “I like them” and “they’re amazing.” The people here are amazing.

- Steve Vinter, Engineering Director

Google Cambridge: Frequently Asked Questions

Have Google Boston engineers contributed to any important products or projects?

Our engineers contribute to lots of well-known and innovative products including: Search, YouTube, Chrome, Android, Image Search, Google Play for Education, Newsstand, Book Search, Flight Search, Google Patents Hotel Finder, and Big Picture. They also work behind-the-scenes on core infrastructure projects that make our products–and the web–faster for our users.

What kinds of events do you host?

We host lots of Authors@Google events in Cambridge. Some notable writer’s we’ve talked with include: Noam Chomsky (twice!), Patrick Rothfuss, Cory Doctorow, Joanne Chang, Jennifer Egan, Salman Rushdie, and Howard Zinn. We throw parties featuring the sounds of our very own office band, Firepole 451.

Do anything else to blow off steam?

Every year, we have Pajama Day, where we can wear our finest flannels to work. On the flip side, at our annual Formal Friday event, we get the enviable opportunity to re-live high school prom season by dressing up in tuxes and gowns. Or wedding dresses, whatever works. We also miiiight enjoy a little bit of a rivalry with Google Pittsburgh. Don’t say anything, but whenever our engineers visit the Pittsburgh office, they “borrow” something to bring back home to Cambridge.

How do Googlers in the area get to work?

The Boston area has made a big effort to become one of the most bike-friendly metro areas in the country, so a lot of Googlers cycle to work. Some of us take public transportation, which is a breeze, since we’re located just steps away from the Kendall Square T stop. Those who drive enjoy free parking (bit of a rarity in these pahhhts).

How does Google Cambridge play a role in the surrounding community?

We host a variety of after-work developer groups, including Web Start Women, a group of local women who are just learning to code, and invite local developers to participate via live stream in the annual Google I/O conference in San Francisco. We’re also deeply involved with Citizen Schools, through which Googlers work with local kids to do things like build LEGO robots and participate in Top Chef-like cooking competitions, and MIT’s MITES (Minority Introduction to Engineering and Science) program.

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